Kamera & Gilles Carpentry, Inc. has retired from building custom homes.

Dennis Kamera and Greg Gilles are both available for consultation on residential construction. Dennis can be reached at 360-914-0450. In addition to consultation, Greg is offering residential construction services under Greg Gilles Construction Services at 360-914-0451.

History of Kamera & Gilles Carpentry, Inc.

Kamera & Gilles Carpentry, Inc. built quality custom homes and remodels on Whidbey Island from 1995 – 2019. They are recognized as premiere builders who worked in many architectural styles, budgets, and building sites. They were guided by a simple philosophy. “We value quality, integrity, trust, collaboration and fairness. We foster positive, long-term relationships with our clients, crew, subcontractors, architects and suppliers. We listen to the goals of our clients, value efficiency and are dedicated to building quality homes and remodels.” —Dennis & Greg

This website showcases some examples of Kamera & Gilles projects. Dennis & Greg express deep gratitude to their clients and crew, subcontractors, suppliers and architects for making all projects possible.